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Welcome to Ekurhuleni Golf Union

According to our records that date back to 1949 our body was styled EAST RAND ASSOCIATED CLUBS until 1961 when the EASTERN TRANSVAAL GOLF ASSOCIATION was formed.

In 1998 the Transvaal Golf Union was dissolved and the Association became directly affiliated to the South African Golf Association as EASTERN GAUTENG GOLF UNION and in 2004 changed the name and is now known as EKURHULENI GOLF UNION.

Dear Golfers,

Firstly, a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year to all.

Our First meeting for 2016 was held on Tuesday 12th January and some of the important points discussed are listed below:

  • The Senior and Super Senior inter provincial sides were selected after the meeting, the sides will be posted on the website for perusal.
  • All Senior golfers are urged to participate in the Senior Social events.
  • A seniors sub-committee has been established comprising Frank Vidal, Howard McLaren and Gavin Homan, this sub-committee will make proposals in due course to grow senior golf.
  • Nomads have requested all clubs to participate in the selling of raffle tickets for the furtherance of golf. The Golf Clubs stand to benefit from this initiative as Nomads will match the amount collected by the Clubs and give the value back in vouchers. Please support Nomads as they support us.
  • All Clubs are urged to collect the new rules books from the office.
  • All golf Clubs have to complete an online Transformation survey, this is very important to the union as failure for 100% compliance will result in the SAGA withholding our development grant.
  • All affiliation fee invoices have been sent to the clubs, please ensure that the fees are payed before the 30th April, failure to comply will result in EGGU not having a vote at the SAGA meetings.

 Best wishes and Enjoy your golf.

Martin Saaiman