Seniors Newsletter


MARCH 2018  aG Tour360 EQT Ekurhuleni 210x300


MARCH 2018  TM MW 760x100

Download the results here for A, B & C Division

Springs GC 500

Left to Right:   David da Noroonha (Winner "A" Division); Frank Vidal (Committee Member); Alan Carty (2nd Vice President); Aubrey Myburgh (Winner "B" Division) and Indhiran Govender (Winner "C" Division).



Download the results here

Steve Williams - Winner

Steve Williams (Winner) and Darrel Herbert (Tournament)

Graig Kamps  Runner Up

Craig Kamps (Runner up) and Darrel Herbert (Tournament Director)

Jock Wellington -Super Seniors

Darrel Herbert (Tournament Director) and Jock Wellington (Winner Super Seniors)

Norman Zulu

Norman Zulu (Winner Handicap Division) and Gavin Homan (EGU Vice President)


Grove Prinsloo (Runner Up Handicap Division) and Gavin Homan (EGU Vice President)

Jan Delport - Ekur Closed

Jan Delport (Winner Ekurhuleni Closed) and Darrel Herbert (Tournament Director)




Senior Series 959x639

Left to Right:  Aubrey Myburgh (Winner “B” Division),  Mark Terrey (Winner “A” Division), Paul Cloete (Winner “C” Division)

Download the results here

Senior Winners

LEFT TO RIGHT:  Alan Carty (@nd Vice President),  Phillip Mayeza (Winner “C” Division),  Kevin Monk (Winner “A” Division) and Pieter Middel (Winner “B” Division)