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MARCH 2018  aG Tour360 EQT Ekurhuleni 210x300


MARCH 2018  TM MW 760x100


The team arrived on Sunday morning all looking good, eight young men in their prime. A practice round took place and the team look forward to the start of the competition tomorrow. The practice round was followed by the opening ceremony, a pipe band then led the procession to the flag raising very impressive. (I think the band was just for me) Dinner was served and a nice touch where each team and team member were introduced to the company.

Day one we were drawn to play North West and this turned out to be a finish of note .

Terblanche / Krugel           Halved                Flynn / van der Merwe       all Square       ½
Allen / Maree                  Defeated               Gildenhuys / Hulme               lost          3 & 1
Prigge / Britz                  Defeated               Gildenhuys / De Abreu           lost          3 & 1
M Botha / Campher         Defeated                E Botha / Cronje                   lost         3 & 1

Johan Krugel                    Lost to               Adolf van der Merwe              6 & 5
Tiaan Marre                   Defeated                Brendan Flynn                      2 & 1
Aldre Terblanche               Lost to                Brandon Gildenhuys              2 & 1
Stephan Allen                   Lost to                Burt Gildenenhuys                 2 & 1
Ruan Prigge                     Halved                Stefan Hulme                       All Square
Albert Britz                       Defeated             Dino DeAbreu                       7 & 6
Martin Botha                    Lost to                Ernest Botha                        1 Down
SP Campher                     Lost to               Stefan Cronje                        2 Down

End Result Foursomes ½ Singles 5 ½ North West 6 points Ekurhuleni 6 points