2019 Champion of Champs

BACK ROW  :    (left to right)

Siyabonga Magubane (Winner Best Gross 82 -  B DIVISION), Charles Cumbane (Runner Up Gross 84 -  B DIVISION), STEPHEN MALHERBE (Past Junior Vice-Captain - Easterns NOMADS and officiator at Prize Giving, Ryan van Velzen (Winner of 2019 NOMADS Champion of Champions Trophy - Best Gross 72), Giaconi Middel (Runner-up Gross 74 - A DIVISION), Nicole Strydom (Winner GIRLS U19 - Best Gross 74), Tayla Howroyd (Runner-Up Gross 94).


FRONT ROW  : (left to right)

Darius Jansen (Winner C DIVISION - 31 points), Walter Green (Winner U13 DIVISION 84  c/o) Keira Howroyd (Runner-up C DIVISION -  29 points)